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Cane Corso Bites Bear

A couple of days ago we saw a big bear by the curbside. Kona walked past it and wouldn’t come within 4 feet. Yesterday I just had to take her back to see what she would do. Hint: I kinda already knew how she would react!

Since the last day of hell, Kona has been pretty good. The one exception is that she went on defense mode when my wife put Kona’s pad in the cage. This was a bit eerie as Kona knows my wife well. It was like flipping a switch; Kona went on alert and lunged at her. This was not Kona just wanting to play. I grabbed her collar and told my wife to get the hell out of there.

That behavior just kills me, because Kona is the sweetest dog to my son and I. But there is no substitute for early socialization with these protective breeds. I have since contacted the people that re-homed her. They had her for a couple of weeks and didn’t witness any aggression. I contacted the breeder, and the breeder didn’t even return my email. My next step is to sign up with Robert Cabral ( I watch a lot of his Youtube videos and this guy seems to be really good with all kinds of big dogs and shelter animals.

On a positive note, Kona is just super intelligent and it is easy to teach her new things. I’ll leave you with Kona’s eat on command routine. She learned this in just a few days.

Thanks for following Kona’s story and I’ll post more soon.